Fallout: Crescent City

East...always to the East...

Summary of last few sessions:

  • Group departed Crescent City and headed east after getting a few supplies when the completed a run at the History Museum and accessed the upper floors. Sir DrR. Cayman Jack was even so lucky as to get authentic officer medals and shorts! How fancy!
  • As the group was on the road going East, on one of their nights they slept in what appeared to be an abandoned trailer park. They woke up to SwampLurks outside! After some quick dispatching of this foe, DR. D went to work on…well…learning about these creatures. In which he created the “Killing Creatures of the Wastes for Dummies” guidebook! Very informative, if I do say so myself.
  • Continuing on, to the East! (where else?) They ran into some Brotherhood of Steel checkpoints, the first of which Vincent Romancek met a Brotherhood scout he knows, Leo Fuller. Leo asked Vincent to possibly do some scouting for them and report back info, and he gave Vincent some unique dog tags that he may show other Brotherhood members and it’ll signify his good standing with them so Vincent and his group won’t get hassled.
  • They decided to swing by the city of Eden Isles…I mean, it was on the way, so why not check it out? The citizens of this town are all convinced that President Eden will be the one to save them if any threats come about, like the Chinese horde that is just over the hill…but hey, if it lets them sleep at night. Sir DrR. Cayman Jack was also able to get a guy in the town to be his personal Sign Spinner for his business! This dude is beyond happy to do this for Cayman Jack.
  • Heading more East, and just a tad North, the group finally gets to the town of Parker. First thing they notice is the refugees, which multiplies Parker’s population by double. Seems like this is where the team should get established and figure out what’s going on. They ask questions around town, and can even hear gunshots in the distance. Vincent goes to investigate the gunshots while Dr. D and Rocco Ford try to set up some type of medical/refugee facility. Cayman Jack is busy fast talking the mayor of Parker into buying in on the Cayman Jack “franchise.” Which amazingly works! Fucking money!
  • Vincent came back saying he saw Chinese fighting what looked like a resistance group comprised of just kids. Cayman Jack was successful in getting loads of caps from the mayor for the group to go procure guns, man power and medical supplies for the town. So Jack and Vincent went off to speak with the Brotherhood while Dr. D and Rocco continued their help in the town. Jack and Vincent returned with two Brotherhood scouts (Carl and Red Cloud), as well as two Brotherhood Knights (Mitch and Thomas [said Toe-Mas]) and they are sporting some power armor. The Brotherhood also supplied about 10 Type 81 Assault Rifles for the towns defense. Eden Isles wasn’t going to send anyone to help, but they’d sell supplies…with zero discount. So medical and building supplies were procured and brought back to the town. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER! The Brotherhood said they would do this without payment, as long as they got some type of technology that was present in Parker. What this tech is, nobody knows. But the group agreed, since help wasn’t anywhere else to find.
  • Vincent and Red Cloud went to scout at night to see how big the Chinese forces were in Pearlington. They snuck up on two sentries, dispatching them quietly and continued on. Once reaching Pearlington they approached a house, where there was a mix of Chinese soldiers and non-Chinese looking men working inside…and they were all speaking English. Without accents!!! They also seemed to be stripping the building of supplies: pipes, copper wiring, etc. With some bug spray, cigarettes and matches Red Cloud was able to make a small bomb while Vincent wired the doors shut. Setting off the explosive inside the building they were able to create a distraction to see more of the town. One of the larger buildings had guards posted around it, still appearing Chinese, but they seemed much to vigilant to be able to sneak by. So they went back to Parker and report their findings. A Brotherhood Knight and Rocco are in charge of fortifying the towns defenses.



Looks pretty solid to me… I’ll add GM notes if anything else comes to mind.

East...always to the East...

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