Fallout: Crescent City

Doing it for the little guy

It would seem the group got in further over its head than expected. Fighting the Enclave alongside the Brotherhood of Steel?! Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this to happen! I had left my home in Chicago to avoid getting sucked into these things and being killed for a cause I didn’t believe in. But this group of Brotherhood down in the swamps is a bit different than the forceful conscription I am used to from up north. Maybe they aren’t AS bad…but they are still fathoms better than Enclave, that goes without saying.

I’ve never had to do so much…..killing. Especially for someone other than myself! I’ve never been in an area long enough to get close friends, because I was off on the next leg of my adventure. This rag tag group we’ve assembled from Belle Chasse wouldn’t have been expected to be so successful if you saw us from the beginning. But now? Well now it looks like we’ve accomplished quite a bit! Saved what’s left of the Parker’s, whipped the shit out of some Enclave, had Brotherhood guys doing what we said (probably the most unexpected, from my point of view). Made…….well I wouldn’t quite say we made friends with a batch of ghouls. But they know now that our intentions are good, and I hope that gets us some leeway with them in the future. Not sure we’d have been as successful if they didn’t show up when they did.

Boot decided to join our group now as well! Not sure if it is so the Brotherhood can keep tabs on us, or if he is saying goodbye to his Brothers for good. Now I’m not sure if we did more harm than good for the Brotherhood. They wouldn’t have gained access to that Vault without our help, but in the end I don’t know if they gained anything from it in the process of also losing men to the Enclave for something they no longer have. Perhaps they found some useful knowledge off the computers in the Vault, because there sure as hell wasn’t anything that useful there that could be carried off. At least, nothing that I had seen.

So what now? We return as the Heroes of Belle Chasse? We go tell Bayou Bourbonne to pay up? Hell, are we even getting paid to do what we just did?! Or was this somehow out of the goodness of our hearts?! Because I owed that man no favors before leaving, and I sure as hell don’t owe him any now. But my friends? I don’t know where they want to go now or what they have planned. Rocco may want to go back and take up the role again of protector of the town…but with knowing what threats are out there he’ll probably take it much more seriously. The Doctor? I don’t see the junkyard being very appealing again to him. Unless it is some kind of way to relax and get away from his past? And then there is Jack……he’ll go wherever he’s able to rub two caps together! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of his loyal Parker followers to come to Belle Chasse to be with him! Boot? Well…..he’ll just be with us for now, I suppose. We’ll introduce him to Belle Chasse.

Myself though. What do I want to do. I have to give back the Life Straw, for one! There were plenty of days I would have gone thirsty without that thing, if it hadn’t been for Charlotte Mauzy. Maybe I’ll just go back to my scrounging days, where I lived on top of her general store, finding odds and ends for her to sell. It wasn’t too bad of a life. But with Enclave still out there, and so many of them at that, well…….is any place in the bayou safe from them?



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