Fallout: Crescent City

Doing it for the little guy

It would seem the group got in further over its head than expected. Fighting the Enclave alongside the Brotherhood of Steel?! Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this to happen! I had left my home in Chicago to avoid getting sucked into these things and being killed for a cause I didn’t believe in. But this group of Brotherhood down in the swamps is a bit different than the forceful conscription I am used to from up north. Maybe they aren’t AS bad…but they are still fathoms better than Enclave, that goes without saying.

I’ve never had to do so much…..killing. Especially for someone other than myself! I’ve never been in an area long enough to get close friends, because I was off on the next leg of my adventure. This rag tag group we’ve assembled from Belle Chasse wouldn’t have been expected to be so successful if you saw us from the beginning. But now? Well now it looks like we’ve accomplished quite a bit! Saved what’s left of the Parker’s, whipped the shit out of some Enclave, had Brotherhood guys doing what we said (probably the most unexpected, from my point of view). Made…….well I wouldn’t quite say we made friends with a batch of ghouls. But they know now that our intentions are good, and I hope that gets us some leeway with them in the future. Not sure we’d have been as successful if they didn’t show up when they did.

Boot decided to join our group now as well! Not sure if it is so the Brotherhood can keep tabs on us, or if he is saying goodbye to his Brothers for good. Now I’m not sure if we did more harm than good for the Brotherhood. They wouldn’t have gained access to that Vault without our help, but in the end I don’t know if they gained anything from it in the process of also losing men to the Enclave for something they no longer have. Perhaps they found some useful knowledge off the computers in the Vault, because there sure as hell wasn’t anything that useful there that could be carried off. At least, nothing that I had seen.

So what now? We return as the Heroes of Belle Chasse? We go tell Bayou Bourbonne to pay up? Hell, are we even getting paid to do what we just did?! Or was this somehow out of the goodness of our hearts?! Because I owed that man no favors before leaving, and I sure as hell don’t owe him any now. But my friends? I don’t know where they want to go now or what they have planned. Rocco may want to go back and take up the role again of protector of the town…but with knowing what threats are out there he’ll probably take it much more seriously. The Doctor? I don’t see the junkyard being very appealing again to him. Unless it is some kind of way to relax and get away from his past? And then there is Jack……he’ll go wherever he’s able to rub two caps together! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of his loyal Parker followers to come to Belle Chasse to be with him! Boot? Well…..he’ll just be with us for now, I suppose. We’ll introduce him to Belle Chasse.

Myself though. What do I want to do. I have to give back the Life Straw, for one! There were plenty of days I would have gone thirsty without that thing, if it hadn’t been for Charlotte Mauzy. Maybe I’ll just go back to my scrounging days, where I lived on top of her general store, finding odds and ends for her to sell. It wasn’t too bad of a life. But with Enclave still out there, and so many of them at that, well…….is any place in the bayou safe from them?

A Robot's Reflection

“If only I could speak”, Damon thought to himself.” No, that’s not right. If only they could understand me.” The Damage to his verbal processor was very severe. Damon may say one thing, but all that comes out is jibberish non-sense. It’s hard being the smartest and likely most creative mind here in Vault 53 but sounding as intelligent as a toddler would bring down anyone’s spirit, especially those of a super scientist. For now words won’t help Damon, only through action can Damon make a difference.

Then again, that’s how he got into this state, by taking action and using his body as an electrical conduit. But at the time the odds weren’t not in the Parker citizens favor. Their best chance for survival against the enclave hoard was to get everyone in the vault and then to get the vault online, this same vault that acted more like a jail cell to its former inhabitants. If Damon had a spine, a shiver would be running up it right now. Forcing the vaults secondary power generator to course through Damon’s titanium husk was the only way to get the output the vaults integrated pumps needed in order to get the vault drained quickly.

Either way, the place is here and the time is now. A dirty vault filled with rot and mold. There sitting in the corner of the hallway with his monitors and manipulators twisting this way and that, making the robot look like a steel pretzel there’s Damon working diligently to fix himself so he can save them… so he can save them all.

Anything to survive

From the thoughts and feelings of Vincent Romancek

It took me a long time to travel from the Windy City region down to the Bayou area. And in all those travels I had seen, and done, many things. Some curious things, some beautiful things, some frightening things. I was able to observe most things from a distance if I had wanted, without being noticed. So many people, or creatures, were loud and were able to be anticipated so I could either avoid them or watch them. At times approach them if they were of a friendly sort. We’d trade, share stories while seated around a camp fire, say our goodbyes and good lucks and be on our way. To bad most people in the Wastes aren’t of that sort, or we’d be in a much better place. But this is the land of the Haves and Have Nots, where the Nots are usually killing the Haves and taking their place. I had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in such a situation.

Cape Girardeau was a…..unique city. Its largest economy was slaves, and if you looked like you were on the lowest portion of the Have Nots they didn’t care if you were free, you were going to become a slave. Shackled and sold. And there wasn’t much of a limit on who Cape Girardeau sold the slaves to either. But I was an outsider, so I wasn’t about the kick a sleeping deathclaw! They were nice enough as any city to outsiders. They wanted my caps, I wanted to resupply my gear. I remember an older woman wandering the streets, looking half crazy with her hair in a mess and crying out for someone to help her find her daughter. That she’d been missing for 5 days and nobody is helping her. I didn’t want to get mixed up in things, so avoided eye contact, but she ran up to a man close to me and grabbed his arm, begging for his help. He just shrugged her off, simply saying “Lady, you know damn well where she ended up. If you open your legs enough around town you can get some caps and maybe buy her back at the open market in a few days!” And he just laughed and walked off, this lady falling to her knees and crying. So the daughter was a slave now. That’s just how things went in this city. It was time to go.

Just a few miles south of Cape Girardeau I could tell I was coming up on some folks. I saw them before they saw me. Slaves. A line of about 10 of them or so, shackled together and walking in a line. The lead of the column of slaves was a brahmin, dutifully following its owner, no doubt, gently pulling along the slaves as they were no doubt on their way to their new owners. Some kind of delivery service or something. There was a handful of guards, probably just to keep the slaves in line. Not like it seemed necessary, because not a single slave even had the dignity left to hold their head up, let alone try and escape. They were broken.

But before I could reach the slaves and quickly pass them by, forever to be gone from my thoughts, the situation got much, much worse. I don’t know if many folks out there have run into super mutants before, and I really hope you never do, but they are probably humanities worst enemy in the Wastes. Physically better than us in any conceivable way, most of the time effortlessly lugging weapons that would be a task for even two grown men to accomplish, and they always seem to want to kill us. Or anything, for that matter. So when 4 of them jumped out of the trailer portion of an old Nuka Cola semi-truck, I dove behind the closest thing that amounted as cover I could find, which was just some dense brush. So I glanced through some of the open portions of this bush and what I saw horrified me. The super mutants looked more tribal than the standard ones I’ve seen or heard of before from back up in Chicago. They had many body markings akin to tattoos, piercings of bone and had clothing made from animal hide……very obvious animal hide.

The slaves! Oh those poor slaves. They panicked and tried to run every direction they could, getting all tangled or tripping over each other. One guard was running, and he was quickly pursued by a mutant. The man was not going to be fast enough. Two guards fired at the super mutants, but to no avail. They simply shrugged off the damage the bullets did, which is fairly normal behavior of them. The man who was leading the brahmin was the only one that seemed to not panic as much as the others. He quickly disconnected his brahmin from the slaves, slapped it on the ass and it took off. To which another super mutant was more than happy to go after an easy meal. Or so he though. I had never seen a brahmin move with such speed before! If the rest of the situation hadn’t been going on, it would have been almost funny to see this super mutant get frustrated by his fleeing prey! One thing was for certain though, the brahmin would get tired and the super mutant would not, so it was just a matter of time for the poor beast. The man had tried to release some of the slaves as well, which he got a few released before his skull was smashed in by one of the largest hammers I had ever seen. The super mutant only laughed, and turned his eyes onto the slaves.

The screams were not the worst part. I had to look away when I saw some of the super mutants begin taking bites out of the people, some who were not even dead yet! They couldn’t get away either because they were chained together. This breed of super mutant was definitely different than what I was used to hearing about. They were even scarier. A few of the slaves though had been released in time to make a break for it! There was no way they could stop the super mutants, but with only four of those green hulking monsters to chase people they had the chance of survival. I had stopped watching, but I knew the super mutants were trying to chase people down…or they kept eating. I wasn’t about to look. But then I heard footsteps that were quick and light, along with a woman’s scream that was getting closer and closer. Fuck. Looking over my shoulder I see her running in my direction. She was going to lead them right to me! I couldn’t just wait for them to come my way as they chased her down…but it actually didn’t seem like they were chasing her. Not yet, at least. As she was running by my location I grabbed her and pulled her down to me. She freaked out. Even when covering her mouth with my hands and telling her to shush, she kept trying to fight and scream. It was like a panicked animal, much like that brahmin. She wasn’t seeing reason and was going to fight no matter what got her, even if it was someone with the misguided attempt at helping her. Thankfully I was wearing gloves, because she bit my hand so damn hard that it still drew blood. I could feel it getting warm along my fingers and my hand bled. Trying to stifle her, I looked back again through the bush towards to mutants, who most seemed to be dragging back their screaming prey to the group of already dead humans. With all of them back together again I couldn’t let her go, they’d all come this way and for sure find me. But I wouldn’t be able to hold her forever, either. I reluctantly drew my knife and showed her, quietly saying if she didn’t be quiet she’d get hurt, which didn’t change her attitude one bit. She was in pure fight or flight mode.

I didn’t want to, but either she died or we both died. So I stabbed her. I tried to make it quick, but with her struggling I had a hard time hitting anything vital. I may have stabbed her more than once. But I remember just holding my hand over her mouth, and the other gripping my knife handle with the blade in the um-teenth stab wound I gave her. I don’t know how long I waited there, but it seemed like forever. The blood was sticky on my hands, and the screams from all the slaves had stopped a while ago. I finally chanced another look, expecting a grinning super mutant to be five feet away, just waiting to crush my head in. But that was not the case, and in fact it seemed like they were packing their “leftovers” into some nets to drag off to wherever they called home. I sighed and slowly rolled this dead woman out of my grasp, gently lowering her to the ground. That’s when I got my first good look at her face. She looked so much like that old woman who had seen crying in the streets of Cape Girardeau earlier today. No way. There is no way this was the daughter…was it?! I whispered to nobody in particular “Well you are free now.” It was then I realized I was a Have. And this woman was a Have Not.

East...always to the East...

Summary of last few sessions:

  • Group departed Crescent City and headed east after getting a few supplies when the completed a run at the History Museum and accessed the upper floors. Sir DrR. Cayman Jack was even so lucky as to get authentic officer medals and shorts! How fancy!
  • As the group was on the road going East, on one of their nights they slept in what appeared to be an abandoned trailer park. They woke up to SwampLurks outside! After some quick dispatching of this foe, DR. D went to work on…well…learning about these creatures. In which he created the “Killing Creatures of the Wastes for Dummies” guidebook! Very informative, if I do say so myself.
  • Continuing on, to the East! (where else?) They ran into some Brotherhood of Steel checkpoints, the first of which Vincent Romancek met a Brotherhood scout he knows, Leo Fuller. Leo asked Vincent to possibly do some scouting for them and report back info, and he gave Vincent some unique dog tags that he may show other Brotherhood members and it’ll signify his good standing with them so Vincent and his group won’t get hassled.
  • They decided to swing by the city of Eden Isles…I mean, it was on the way, so why not check it out? The citizens of this town are all convinced that President Eden will be the one to save them if any threats come about, like the Chinese horde that is just over the hill…but hey, if it lets them sleep at night. Sir DrR. Cayman Jack was also able to get a guy in the town to be his personal Sign Spinner for his business! This dude is beyond happy to do this for Cayman Jack.
  • Heading more East, and just a tad North, the group finally gets to the town of Parker. First thing they notice is the refugees, which multiplies Parker’s population by double. Seems like this is where the team should get established and figure out what’s going on. They ask questions around town, and can even hear gunshots in the distance. Vincent goes to investigate the gunshots while Dr. D and Rocco Ford try to set up some type of medical/refugee facility. Cayman Jack is busy fast talking the mayor of Parker into buying in on the Cayman Jack “franchise.” Which amazingly works! Fucking money!
  • Vincent came back saying he saw Chinese fighting what looked like a resistance group comprised of just kids. Cayman Jack was successful in getting loads of caps from the mayor for the group to go procure guns, man power and medical supplies for the town. So Jack and Vincent went off to speak with the Brotherhood while Dr. D and Rocco continued their help in the town. Jack and Vincent returned with two Brotherhood scouts (Carl and Red Cloud), as well as two Brotherhood Knights (Mitch and Thomas [said Toe-Mas]) and they are sporting some power armor. The Brotherhood also supplied about 10 Type 81 Assault Rifles for the towns defense. Eden Isles wasn’t going to send anyone to help, but they’d sell supplies…with zero discount. So medical and building supplies were procured and brought back to the town. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER! The Brotherhood said they would do this without payment, as long as they got some type of technology that was present in Parker. What this tech is, nobody knows. But the group agreed, since help wasn’t anywhere else to find.
  • Vincent and Red Cloud went to scout at night to see how big the Chinese forces were in Pearlington. They snuck up on two sentries, dispatching them quietly and continued on. Once reaching Pearlington they approached a house, where there was a mix of Chinese soldiers and non-Chinese looking men working inside…and they were all speaking English. Without accents!!! They also seemed to be stripping the building of supplies: pipes, copper wiring, etc. With some bug spray, cigarettes and matches Red Cloud was able to make a small bomb while Vincent wired the doors shut. Setting off the explosive inside the building they were able to create a distraction to see more of the town. One of the larger buildings had guards posted around it, still appearing Chinese, but they seemed much to vigilant to be able to sneak by. So they went back to Parker and report their findings. A Brotherhood Knight and Rocco are in charge of fortifying the towns defenses.


City of Ghouls


The group boarded Pierre’s airboat as the armed ghouls looked on. Pierre looked like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar; everyone else seemed confused. After they’d made some distance from the guards and the shoreline, Pierre apologized for not saying something sooner.

“That was NOLA,, aka Ghoul central in these parts, or at least a suburb of it. I didn’t realize that it had expanded out that far. You see, I’m not exactly welcomed in those parts because I’m too friendly with you smoothskins. When y’all said there was a radio tower that was broadcasting from that area, I thought it might be the Brotherhood staking a claim in town or those Chinese I keep hearing about. I thought we could kill two birds with one stone: Kill some shitbag swampers and help out some fellow ghouls.

At this, Pierre caught some sideways looks from the party.

“What? A guy can’t hold out some love for his kin? Just cause they don’t like me doesn’t mean I have a beef with them. I get it; they don’t want smoothies to find out what they’re up to or else they’d try to ruin a good thing. From the looks of things back there, though, the fair folk of NOLA either took out a few brotherhood patrols though or else they’re in league because those guards were wearing substantially more kit than they did in my day. Either way, they don’t seem to need our help, at least not right now.

Detective Douglas and the Co-Ed Killer

It was a dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets…

Detective John E. Douglas was waiting patiently on the sidewalk by the intersection of the roads closest to the most recent murder. He gave a sigh, pulled out another Big Boss cigarette and struck his match, but before he could light up he saw something. It was quick and just out of the corner of his eye, but his detectives instincts were keen and he knew this was his break!

“They always return to the scene of the crime.” Douglas said his gravelly voice.

Throwing the cigarette on the ground to join all the others he had smoked over few hours, he started to follow what he suspected was the murderer down some side alleys. Filled with dumpsters, assorted garbage and bad lighting, he snuck his way into the alley. Probably here to collect something he forgot from the victim…or maybe he stashed it in a rush to get out of here Douglas thought to himself. Typical lowlife modus operandi. Keeping mementos from their crimes so they could relive it later by looking at what they took.

Detective Douglas had made his way behind a dumpster, waiting for a moment to peek his head around to see if the coast was clear, when he heard the all to familiar cocking of the hammer on a pistol, approximately 3 feet from his head. Raising his hands he slowly stood but not turning to face his assailant, for fear of startling him.

“Well Kemper, I see you have been getting sloppy lately. Leaving behind things at the scene now? That’s not like you.” Edmund Kemper. Some of the worst scum you’d never want to see. Scarily, the man was also a genius and the police had no way to prove it was him doing these murders. Gotta get him talking! “So how do you do it? Pick your victims, that is. Is it random, or do you plan it out in advance?” Douglas said, trying to stall the gun wielder for a few moments until he thought of a way to get out of the situation. And then he had it!


Chryslus Motors presents the all new four door model of the favorite Corvega! For the family man that still wants to drive in style. Everything you loved about the two door Atomic V8 model, just more room! Still features the ultra powerful eight hundred horsepower nuclear engine, so you can get where you need to go in no time. See your local Chryslus Motors dealer today and ask for a test drive! You’ll be so happy, you’ll drive that same one right off the lot! Guaranteed satisfaction. Chryslus Motors, driving paradise.

And with that, the holotape came to a clicking halt and began to rewind itself. Vincent, comfortably positioned on a rocking chair on a porch, had taken a nice break at some abandoned building on his travels down south from his hometown, when he happened upon this holotape and a player that was still in working order! Imagine his luck! Took a bit of juice from some batteries and a little ingenuity, but it was worth it. Made him feel like he wasn’t alone during his wasteland travels. It was too bad these holotape players weren’t smaller, or else Vincent would have taken it with. Could fetch a nice penny somewhere. Instead, he disconnected the wires and left the battery there so someone else could enjoy the story someday, just like he did. Vinnie would have to remember this title so he could try to find more of it someday. He was kind of curious as to what happened to this Detective Douglas fellow.

With that, he packed up the few things he had into his backpack to continue his trek towards the south. Hefting his pack onto his shoulders and grabbing his rifle, he headed out.

Back at the bridge

Vincent wakes up the following day, after their adventure at the War Museum. It wasn’t as advantageous as he had thought it would have been, but was quite eventful and if fact was surprisingly heavily guarded/staffed by robots. The weapons gathered are in very pristine condition, but finding ammo for them may not be so easy. They are from an age long forgotten, but that also makes them that much prettier to look at. Has a bit of class to them, you could say.

Vincent decides to wait and see which one he’d like to keep until they can get a proper appraisal of the items. Would most likely keep the one he could get ammo for the easiest.


  • 4 pistols of varying caliber, all from Civil War period. (leave it to GM to determine which ones we have specifically)
  • Hip Waders
  • Fishing Pole
  • Assorted jewelry (Bracelet, Ring and Necklace)

Any objections to the selling of these items? Also, do we just go to a general store to unload it all on the owner? Probably wouldn’t get the best deals, but they would probably buy all of it. If we searched for specific people who would really want some “bling” and antiquated weaponry, they would be more willing to spend more…that’s Vincent’s opinion. But the bridge is a bazaar and these folks would be willing to barter. Ideas from the group…?

So...we're going where, exactly?

It would seem we have quite an adventure on our hands. Good thing I have a decent pair of shoes, because this is going to require a lot of walking. Our friend Sis DrR. Cayman Jack probably didn’t know how far we were going, where we were going, or even really what to look for; other than some slant eyed people gathering en masse and overall looking disgruntled. Which he’d most likely mistake for past customers and, in turn, attempt to sell them some “tonic.” And he’d probably be successful! This guy has a silver tongue like no other. But he also seems like the type who’d sell his own family members as well, if he could get a good enough deal. In a way, he could be the most dangerous traveling companion in our group…

Cayman Jack was able to rope in two others from my town. DR. D and Rocco Ford. Some upstanding sorts that I’ve gotten along with so far, not to say that I haven’t gotten along with the Sir Doctor either. Just a few concerns so far with the little adventure were on. We are, as I’ve heard the saying before, flying blind. But we’ve recently had some luck getting information from some folks here in Crescent City. That gives us some more direction. But I don’t think we have the appropriate supplies now either for our group. I can survive off the Wasteland…but I can’t speak for the others. And one is a damn robot! I have never had a companion like this before! How he (or…she? he? It is just a brain in some goo…) has stayed alive is amazing. And that he hasn’t been taken apart by Brotherhood or Enclave is equally amazing! Smart guy…gal? I’ll go with guy. His speakers sound like a guy. Then there is Ford. He’s probably what an ideal upstanding citizen should be if there ever has been one. Not much else to say about the man. He wears it all on his sleeve, all you have to do is meet him. Wouldn’t want to get into a boxing match with him though…he is quite a large man.

I’m about used to the racism down in these parts now. As much as I can be. What I thought was racism before was people singling out ghouls or super mutants. But down south it is quite different…quite different indeed. Charlotte Mauzy was surprised as could be when I asked if I could live under the same roof for her if I was able to work for her. She had to explain to me how bad things REALLY were down here for me to get an understanding. Poor Mauzy…she’s a good lady. Doesn’t deserve some of the comments she gets. Most folk are kind to here though, since she contributes to the city. But other more “privileged” individuals see themselves above being kind and showing decency for fellow man. But then again…we don’t live in a kind and decent time. The weak get trampled under the boots of the Haves. Those that don’t barely get by. So far, I’ve been getting by. Maybe this little adventure could have some payoffs. Maybe we’ll come across some Vaults that aren’t flooded! Psh…yeah right. And maybe we’ll come across a unicorn too (note to self, if unicorn is witnessed and captured…contract a saddle maker).

But in the few years since being down here I’ve not come across a Vault yet, other than the Crescent City one. There has to be some here, the problem is knowing the signs to find them. Traveling south I only saw 3 or them, 5 total if you include the surrounding area I grew up. Most were abandoned, all had been open for decades or longer. I snuck around a couple as best I could, but typically they had already been ransacked of anything useful. Still interesting to see places like that from the past! Crossing my toes this little quest of ours brings us close to what I’m looking for. Time to do some preparing for the rest of our trip.

How much East can there be?

Im not much won to rite in a jornal but I dont have much other work to do on these days of traveling and sleeping in the woods. so this is how I spent some of my time now. First off, I hope we find these chineese guys soon and take care of this mess. then I can get back to home. Im sure they miss me like I miss them. Things aint so bad thouh. Vinnie is pretty smart with the woods and swamps. He shows us where to sleep and find safe food. Cayman Jack is a sly devil but really helps out with money when we meet any traveling merchers whoo try to rip us off. He ends up ripping them off with his nasty potions. I feel kinda bad sometimes, but sometimes I think the jerks deserve wat they git. Im tirad of breaking up fights between Jack and the Doc. They seem to go at it every nite. I never can understand wat they are arguing about. Some kind of sciencey know-how that is beond me. I just try to keep it sivilised. We need eachother to git throuh this jorny. Even if I have to beet their heads together to git them to understand. Whoos the smart won now? Even thouh the doc has no legs or body hes still a good guy. Talks funny thouh, sometimes I dont understand but hes nice and tells me in ways I can figure out. Ill make sure he stays safe. Woudnt want anyone trying to think hes some dumb robot and scrap him. Ok goodnite jornal.

Session 1 raw notes

-bayou coerces cayman jack to go scout the chinese threat, tells him to head east and see what’s there, he collects the party

- somehow, the wanderer comes up on the radio

-2 caps for a day’s food ration

-1 cap for 2 rounds basic ammo

- they decide to try to triangulate the signal by collecting a second point further north in crescent city

-collect goods, they head out the next morning

- they move up the river’s banks for a couple hours, they see some guys following them, vinny hides in the bushes and scouts the guys, they seem to have guns, they eventually set up shop in the middle of the road and talk the guys (walter, donald, and skunk) out of attacking them by saying that the man that sold cure all to their grandmother was cayman jack but he’s cayman frank. Cayman jack is an imposter.

-push through bend to reach southern bank of crescent city

-they all head west, rocco goes to a bar called “just the tip” at the point of the river’s southern elbow, cayman jack is selling his wares, dr d is trying to decode the signal in the radio transmission that is sending messages to the eyebots, and vinny is watching a hanging, they hear that the chinese are supposedly attacking pearlington in the northeast

-they decide to get a room at “the whole damn thing” down the road from just the tip

-dr d cracks the eyebot carrier signal, he can now control them if he can figure out a way to transmit to them

-they trade a bum for his "rit of ownership’ of an eyebot

- they subdue it, then get coordinates of its home base from the saved information in its memory banks and disassemble it for parts


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