Fallout: Crescent City

A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place...

… That was always Dr. Damon Bach’s mentality when working at Big Mountain. His level of organization was impeccable, almost surreal. However he never really thought about this concept applying to garbage so much, the state of the labs he worked in were always clean and pristine, perfection at the worst. He never had to put to much thought into where his lab waste goes after he threw it down the disposal chute. Things are different now.

A place for everything, and the place for garbage is the town dump. The Belle Chasse Dump is a place of near unimaginable filth, and DR. D calls it his residency. If he were a normal man, this place would be nigh unlivable. Luckily by Dr. D bidding adieu to his old human form and becoming a Think Tank Robobrain he is capable of existing in such a harsh environment. However, it is not without the downsides. The harsh environment of the dump combined with the concentrated radioactivity of the Mississippi River forces Dr.D to perform constant upkeep on himself in order to stay functioning at maximum efficiency.

Living in this sort of place can do things to a man. It deteriorates the mind, even if that mind is encased in hardened glass sphere suspended in pressurized bio med gel instead of your standard run-of-the-mill cranium. Dr. D is not the man he once was physically and mentally. Some call him batty, some call him loony but whatever term you use there is no denying the Genius that lies beneath the surface.

Regardless of his physically and mental state, Dr. D has a kind soul. His humanity is what caused his exile from Big Mountain when he and his outside associate Rocco Ford helped test subjects escape from the horrors the rest of the Think Tank scientists were inflicting on them. The tests were referred to as “Human Durability Studies”, needless to say the subjects survival rates were near zero percent. The pain and suffering those “Human Guinea Pigs” endured was unimaginable and their screams still linger with Dr.D to this day.

When you combine everything and see the complete package that makes Dr. D it’s no wonder why he has exiled himself from the rest of society. Perhaps one day he will find some friends that can tolerate who he is and look past his many flaws… Yeah Right, good luck with that.

Before the others...

Vincent had never been to the Bayou Burlesque other than to get a drink and listen to the radio a bit, not to indulge in any of the other…services. But he couldn’t help overhearing how some guys had been having “burning problems” since seeing one of the red heads, which the fire crotch jokes have yet to reach an end after that. After about two weeks of this, and the patrons not stopping from getting more services, hence perpetuating the problem, Vinny had to just sigh. He knew where he was going tomorrow.

Took him a few days to get everything together, mainly to track down the right snake. Didn’t need one that was TOO poisonous. Some of the plants he already had, others he scrounged up in the surrounding Wasteland, but he whipped up a type of healing poultice that he also added some Hydra with the snake venom and diluted it with water. He also had some of it as a paste, which he kept in a little tin. Bringing this over to the owner of the highly esteemed establishment of Bayou Burlesque made the man ecstatic, and asked what he could do for Vinny. Even offering him a full week, free of charge, to have any girl he wanted, which Vinny politely turned down. He just asked to be paid back for the items he purchased to make the poultice/drink concoction and a bottle of vodka, which the owner was more than happy to oblige. Vincent gave quick instructions on how much to give the girls, and customers, so this didn’t keep happening. With that, Vinny headed home. The owner didn’t even bother asking who Vinny was, nor did Vinny much care.

Some Links About Fallout and Fate

The setting and system aren’t familiar to everyone, so I’m going to put some of the good places to start here.

As far as Fallout is concerned, the events of New Vegas and Fallout 3 are from the same general timeframe as the setting in Crescent City (and consequently the most pertinent to this campaign), but reading up on the other games won’t hurt. The Fallout Wiki is a good place to start if you want to catch up on things.

Fate can be kind of a lot to wrap your brain around at times for new players, especially since the rules are far more fluid than most other mainstream rulesets. That said, the community on G+ is very active and a great resource to new players. I’m going to put a few links to pertinent conversations culled from there and from blogs and other sources. I’ll continue to update these, and add your own if any of you find any good ones that really helped to clarify things.

Google Docs: Actions, Aspects, and Fate Points

Discussion: Guide to Writing Good Aspects

Discussion: Versatile Aspects vs. Obviously Positive/Negative Aspects

Discussion: An Illustration of Aspects

Real World reading About Survivalists
Things To Read

Recommended Reading: You guys should post any other good survivalist links in the comments here. I’ve been reading prepper message boards and websites for ideas… lots of good ideas out there for our campaign. I think skimming some of this stuff will really get you in the right mindspace for things to come.

10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn


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