Jungle Boots


Aspect: Jungle Tested, Soldier Approved.

Gear Pool Rating: 1

The mesh vents will help your feet air out after a long day of wading through the swamps. Comes with two pair of wool socks and a boot polish kit, cause everyone wants shiny boots sometimes.

Men’s Boots/Work Shoes – NB Tactical 451

Lightweight stability, redefined—the new JungleLite is the go-to jungle boot for the wastes! The original Vietnam-era jungle boot has been updated with cutting-edge materials for wet and damp environments.

Weight:545 grams (19.2 oz)


Double-reinforced lacing loops are specifically designed never to fail in the field

Full-length molded shank provides support even under the stress of carrying heavy loads

High-traction, non-squeak outsole and molded EVA midsole unit features siping on each lug to provide the best available combination of traction and cushioning

Mesh ports throughout the boot

Jungle Boots

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