Vincent Romancek

A survivalist who feels more at home in the Waste


HIGH CONCEPT: Lewis and Clark of the Wastes
Vinny is not just a survivalist, but an explorer. He enjoys finding stuff, for himself and others. He knows how to find odd locations, he’s learned about the local flora and fauna (mostly by just hunting and/or taste testing it). So there might be times he’ll smell…but thats just to camoflauge his human stink and he has some odd plant life smeared all over himself. Totally normal!!!

TROUBLE: Curiosity killed the cat
Sometimes Vinny has cut it a little too close for comfort. He wanted to see what a nest of Deathclaw eggs looked like, or he wanted to see how deep an abandoned Vault went…which he later found out WAS NOT abandoned. Most of the time he’ll know better, but something in his head makes him want to see it anyways.

CURRENT OBJECTIVE: Find some unique/fancy pre-war tech
He knows this stuff is worth money. That’s half the motivation for finding it, at least. The other half is the sense of awe and wonder…what would have things been like before the war? Maybe he can find something that would be useful to someone and will make their life here in the Wasteland that much easier. (Really wants to get a Radiation Suit so he can explore some REALLY off limits areas!)

1. Nobody puts baby in the corner!
Vinny was sick of the Chicago area and wanted new stomping ground. The Brotherhood of Steel was also being pushier than normal as of late and was trying to conscript Vinny…more than once. So Vinny headed south, following the Mississippi most of the way, learning much about different parts of the Wasteland and how to survive. He ended up settling in Belle Chasse.

2. Home is where the ass is
When Vinny first arrived in Belle Chasse he made a home in the dump owned by Dr. D. After a short verbal confrontation Dr. D came to like Vinny’s resilience. Even though Vinny no longer lives at the dump he and Dr. D remain friends.

3. Friend in need
Being fairly new to surviving in the Wasteland, I found myself in trouble once or twice. When I was injured and near starved, Vinny found me and helped me to my feet and showed me how to survive better on my own.


+4 Survival
+3 Stealth, Athletics
+2 Burglary, Guns, Notice
+1 Physique, Investigate, Lore, Boating, Melee


  • Medicine Man (Survival is used to craft meds and toxins)
  • Locksmith (Gain a +2 Burglary when dealing with locks)
  • Longer is better… (Long guns get a +2, excluding energy weapons)
  • I am the night! (+2 on Stealth at night)



  • Backcountry Hiking Pack
  • Life Straw on loan from Charlotte Mauzy
  • Flashlight, fission battery powered. ~10 lbs, but will last until after Vincent dies
  • Shelter half, stakes/poles
  • Oilskin Duster
  • Jungle Boots


  • Remington 700
  • Civil War Saber
  • Combat Knife
  • Karabiner 98k


  • Remington 700- 10/45
  • Karabiner 98k- 5/5


  • Old Security Armor


  • Stimpack (2)
  • Iguanabits
  • Mentats
  • Poultice herbs
  • 3 days rations



  • Fishing line (Seaguar Grand Max, 10 gauge ; 0.520mm diameter) and hooks
  • Simple wire (for small game snares)
  • Small pocket knife (worthless in a fight, good for whittling)
  • Canteen



  • English

Living in Belle Chasse. Has a place in the attic portion of Charlotte Mauzy‘s General Store, where Vinny has a working relationship with the owner where he gets supplies for the store and stays for free. Friends with DR. D and will maybe now and then drop off something “sciency” at the dump for the good Doc to examine, since it is out of Vinny’s realm of understanding. Know’s of Sis DrR. Cayman Jack (AKA “Carl”) and his status as a salesman outside of town…not sure what that’s all about. Also gets along with the local town hero, Rocco Ford. Bayou Bourbonne is a crooked fuck, but the town hasn’t gone to shit and he doesn’t seem to notice Vinny, so Vinny doesn’t step on any toes.

  • Update 1
    Group made their way to Crescent City, met Elaine Pyle and she wants them to program radio towers for her and get her stories to publish. Explored history museum and looted some gear from there. Pierre Beauregard was their air boat driver, brought them to Nola and found out it was a Ghoul (feral and non) stronghold, and the non feral’s were armed to the teeth. Traded with a rich guy in town, his lackey that found us was Mingo Rochon (aka Boca Raton). Group has now set off east to find the Red Menace.

Vincent Romancek hails from region just south of Chicago, in what used to be Calumet City. He grew up close to the pair Smiley Face water towers…which someone kept painting to keep “up to date,” for whatever reason. There were tribal folk who frequented his little town, and as a teenager he became friends with one that kept bringing in animal skins for trade, usually for water from the towers (they still had operable water purifiers in them!). Over the years Vinny learned more and more from his tribal friend, such as how to filter water, navigate by the stars, hunt (or avoid) animals, how to be sneaky…he soaked it all up like a sponge, knowing this is how to survive in the Wasteland.

The Brotherhood of Steel was also a presence in the area. They somehow let the town maintain control of the water towers, as long as Calumet City kept it in working order and they got a monthly ration of it for, as they put it, providing protection from raiders and savages. Perhaps they were, but it was still exploitation. The times Vinny saw the Brotherhood soldiers in his town, sometimes being led by a Paladin in full power armor, he became instantly fascinated with this lost technology! Where did they get it all? How do they keep it working? But the most frustrating was why didn’t the Brotherhood share?! Only members would be allowed to handle such equipment, is what the soldiers would tell Vinny. They made suggestions he sign up, but Vinny liked being able to do what he wanted and declined.

Years went by, and every day was similar the the last one. Vinny had become quite the scrounger and explorer! He usually would bring back some type of scrap that was useful in the town for someone trying to fix something. He never learned exactly how stuff worked, but it didn’t stop him from being curious. On the rare occasion Vincent found some valuable pre war tech that hadn’t been completely destroyed! He’d get a cart with a brahmin to pull his find back to town, which always drew in some “ooh and aww” moments from the townsfolk. Unfortunately this drew the attention to the spotlight, specifically from the Brotherhood. They weren’t just asking anymore for Vincent to join up, but they said they needed competent scouts to do some forward observing for them, as they were expanding. Again, Vinny turned them down. After another rare find though, they came to the town to take Vinny away and conscript him into the ranks of the Brotherhood. Thankfully Vincent had enough warning, and the wits, to get the hell out of there! He figured it was time to move, and he had heard stories from the tribals about the lands down south. Good a place as any! And off he went.

Vincent Romancek

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