Think Tank Robobrain from Big MT



High Concept : Mad Scientist from Big MT
Trouble : Stand Back There’s Science in This Shit!!
Aspect 1 : Thinking Outside the Cell
Aspect 2 : Asimov’s 1st Law of Robotics
Aspect 3 : That Doesn’t Seem Legit
Objective :


Great +4
- Will, Academics
Good +3
- Electronics, Medicine
Fair +2
- Investigation, Mechanics, Energy Weapons
Average +1
- Physique, Explosives, Notice, Empathy


  • “Back in my days…” : +2 to Academics Involving Pre War Tech
  • “Dude That’s soo Metal!” : +2 to Physique to soak small arms

Physical Stress


Mental Stress



  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe: Broken Communication Processor

Gear Pool 2



  • Native: English
  • Lang 1: Creole
  • Lang 2: Chineese
  • Lang 3: Choctaw

My Adventure

Was exiled from the Big Mountain research facility after the great war for showing too much compassion for humanity. His empathy toward humans was frowned on by the other members of the think tank that beleive themselves superior to humans in the Immortal Robot bodies. Dr. Damon Geiger (or Dr. D for short) began to become less efficient with his work because he was unwilling to directly experiment on human slaves. One day he became fed up with Think Tanks Inhumane ways and began releasing prisoners that were being used as Guinea Pigs. Once the rest of the think tank discovered this, Dr. D was immediately kicked out of Big MT. Dr. D now resides Belle Chasse where he is in charge of the flithy town dump.
Aspect : Thinking Outside the Cell

Crossing Paths

Coming across a Robot with a passion for humanity (Insert Steve Characters Name Here) decided to help him liberate and protect the Big MT test subjects.
Aspect : Asimov’s 1st Law of Robotics

Crossing Paths Again

The Big MT prisoners escaped the facility and settled in a small village near a mighty river. They grew into a prosperous healthy society. Sadly none of them were ever blessed with the company of Sir Dr. Cayman Jack… that’s because Dr. D would not let any where near them.
Aspect : That Doesn’t Seem Legit


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