Bayou Bourbonne


High Concept: I run this town.

Trouble: Just French it up a little. – Cayman Jack knows this guy from back when people just called him bourbon. He got the name because he couldn’t operate without first drinking a flask of bourbon in the morning. Apparently, burying the past is as easy as Frenching up your name a little and getting a shave in some parts.

Phase 1: ?
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: ?


This canny criminal has insinuated himself into every major office of the town of Belle Chasse, and he has no intentions of leaving anytime soon. He takes umbrage to Cayman Jack’s presence in his town and isn’t above a little blackmail to get people to do what he wants. He’s definitely a man to be feared, and his twin .357 Magnum Revolvers and Sheriff’s badge look extra intimidating from behind the Mayor’s big Ash desk.

Bayou Bourbonne

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