Fallout: Crescent City

Session 1 raw notes

-bayou coerces cayman jack to go scout the chinese threat, tells him to head east and see what’s there, he collects the party

- somehow, the wanderer comes up on the radio

-2 caps for a day’s food ration

-1 cap for 2 rounds basic ammo

- they decide to try to triangulate the signal by collecting a second point further north in crescent city

-collect goods, they head out the next morning

- they move up the river’s banks for a couple hours, they see some guys following them, vinny hides in the bushes and scouts the guys, they seem to have guns, they eventually set up shop in the middle of the road and talk the guys (walter, donald, and skunk) out of attacking them by saying that the man that sold cure all to their grandmother was cayman jack but he’s cayman frank. Cayman jack is an imposter.

-push through bend to reach southern bank of crescent city

-they all head west, rocco goes to a bar called “just the tip” at the point of the river’s southern elbow, cayman jack is selling his wares, dr d is trying to decode the signal in the radio transmission that is sending messages to the eyebots, and vinny is watching a hanging, they hear that the chinese are supposedly attacking pearlington in the northeast

-they decide to get a room at “the whole damn thing” down the road from just the tip

-dr d cracks the eyebot carrier signal, he can now control them if he can figure out a way to transmit to them

-they trade a bum for his "rit of ownership’ of an eyebot

- they subdue it, then get coordinates of its home base from the saved information in its memory banks and disassemble it for parts



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