Fallout: Crescent City

How much East can there be?

Im not much won to rite in a jornal but I dont have much other work to do on these days of traveling and sleeping in the woods. so this is how I spent some of my time now. First off, I hope we find these chineese guys soon and take care of this mess. then I can get back to home. Im sure they miss me like I miss them. Things aint so bad thouh. Vinnie is pretty smart with the woods and swamps. He shows us where to sleep and find safe food. Cayman Jack is a sly devil but really helps out with money when we meet any traveling merchers whoo try to rip us off. He ends up ripping them off with his nasty potions. I feel kinda bad sometimes, but sometimes I think the jerks deserve wat they git. Im tirad of breaking up fights between Jack and the Doc. They seem to go at it every nite. I never can understand wat they are arguing about. Some kind of sciencey know-how that is beond me. I just try to keep it sivilised. We need eachother to git throuh this jorny. Even if I have to beet their heads together to git them to understand. Whoos the smart won now? Even thouh the doc has no legs or body hes still a good guy. Talks funny thouh, sometimes I dont understand but hes nice and tells me in ways I can figure out. Ill make sure he stays safe. Woudnt want anyone trying to think hes some dumb robot and scrap him. Ok goodnite jornal.


As soon as Elaine gets done reading this, she sends you 50 caps via courier along with a note promising to put you in touch with one of her editors. She says: Son, you still have a little ways to go here, but we’ll manage. Also in the package is the book The Elements of Style . It is inscribed by Elaine with the following: This is your new Bible, son.

How much East can there be?

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