Fallout: Crescent City

Back at the bridge

Vincent wakes up the following day, after their adventure at the War Museum. It wasn’t as advantageous as he had thought it would have been, but was quite eventful and if fact was surprisingly heavily guarded/staffed by robots. The weapons gathered are in very pristine condition, but finding ammo for them may not be so easy. They are from an age long forgotten, but that also makes them that much prettier to look at. Has a bit of class to them, you could say.

Vincent decides to wait and see which one he’d like to keep until they can get a proper appraisal of the items. Would most likely keep the one he could get ammo for the easiest.


  • 4 pistols of varying caliber, all from Civil War period. (leave it to GM to determine which ones we have specifically)
  • Hip Waders
  • Fishing Pole
  • Assorted jewelry (Bracelet, Ring and Necklace)

Any objections to the selling of these items? Also, do we just go to a general store to unload it all on the owner? Probably wouldn’t get the best deals, but they would probably buy all of it. If we searched for specific people who would really want some “bling” and antiquated weaponry, they would be more willing to spend more…that’s Vincent’s opinion. But the bridge is a bazaar and these folks would be willing to barter. Ideas from the group…?


Shiny makes money. If we dont need the caps right now, lets hold on to them for a bit to find a good owner. The waders are nice but kinda big to be carrying with us. That can sell quick. Heck, we went out looking for supplies, now we can use some loot to barter for ’em. Then we can get going to pearlington. Thats what i think.

Back at the bridge

On the way back from the museum, Pierre indicates that he may know a guy that can move your antique weapons.

Back at the bridge

Ammo for any of the guns would require a bullet mold. None of them would really be easier than another two to make ammunition for.

Back at the bridge

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